Olives (v)2.50

Tomato Bread (v)2.50

White Boquerones2.50

Mariposa best cantabrian anchovy 2.50

Gazpacho Shot2.00
chilled raw vegetable soup

Guacamole (v)3.00
in crisp corn tacos


Carnes Ibericas

all pork comes from free range, acorn fed black pigs from Extremadura & Cordoba

Jamon Iberico Bellota30g 8.00 50g 12.50
very best quality, hand cut, black label

Cadiz Style Roast Belly Pork3.00
served cold with lemon

spicy sliced iberico bellota

iberico bellota sliced salami

Mixed Meat Plate10.00
jamon, chorizo, salchichon, morcon & lomo

Mixed Meat & Cheese Plate10.00

crisp belly pork

Iberian Pork Cheeks4.50
slow cooked in red wine with chickpeas

Spanish Beef Stew4.50
slow cooked, potato, sweet peppers & tomato

white bean, chorizo, morcilla & pancetta stew

Iberico pork meatballs

Galician Beef Fillet8.50
diced & grilled with cep mushrooms

griddled iberico pork prize cut with patatas & salsa verde

Pinchos de Pollo3.50
spicy chicken skewers



guacomole, lettuce, red onion, piquillo pepper harissa mayo & salsa on a soft taco

Grilled Chicken3.00

Crispy Belly Pork3.00

Salt Cod Fritters3.00

Grilled Steak4.00


Chorizo a la sidra4.50
spicy sausage in cider

spicy beef sausage & lentils

Tempura Aubergine with honey(v)3.50

Atichoke (v)3.50

Leek & Carrot Espagnol (v)3.50

Padron peppers (v)3.50
little green peppers with maldon salt

Tortilla (v)3.50
potato and caramalised onion omelette

Patatas Bravas (v)2.50
fried potato with spicy sauce and allioli

Jamon Croquettas3.50

Manchego Croquettas3.50
spinach & cheese

Chickpea & Spinach (v)3.00

Tomato Salad (v)2.50

Boquerones Salad4.00
white anchovie, red pepper & lettuce

crispy squid with allioli

Gambas Al Ajillo6.00
garlic prawns

Tempura Prawns5.00
the very best carabineros

fried baby squid

Grilled Pulpo6.00
octopus & black rice

Salt Cod Fritters4.00
bunuelos de bacalao with allioli

Salt Cod5.00
with chickpeas

Manchego (v)5.00
hard cows milk cheese, curado (6 months) & viejo (9 months)



Chocolate Mousse (v) 4.00

Crema Catalana (v)4.00

Santiago Tart (v)4.00
with catalan cream

Churros and Chocolate (v)4.00

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