about our food and wine

Here at Padron we import our produce direct from Spain, from trusted suppliers of the highest quality.
Here is some information:


choice meats

Beef - from mature Galician milking cows cared for with the highest animal welfare to produce the best flavour possible. We use fillet and rump steak for our dishes.
Pork - from indigenous Iberian black pigs that range freely in dehesa oak forests of the southwest Extremadura region of Spain feeding on herbs, grasses and most importantly acorns.
We use;
Secreto -melt in the mouth tender, beautifuly marbled cut from the shoulder, used in our meatballs.
pressa - a well marbled and tasty cut from the head of the loin, cooked pink for the best flavour.
carrilladas - pork cheeks, from the upper shoulder, slow cooked to perfection.


cured meats

All of our cured meats are from black label (best quality) Iberican acorn fed black pigs, from Cordoba in the Extremadura region of Spain.
Jamon - Our Iberico de Bellota, black label, Jamon is selected for it´s distinct and intense aroma and delicate melt in the mouth texture with long lasting flavour of acorns.
Chorizo and Salchichon - are chosen for their quality and taste and care in production.


manchego cheese

We use three types of Manchego, raw sheeps milk cheese, from our artisan cheese makers Navaloshaces in La Mancha, Spain.
Gold medal winners at the world cheese awards, maintaining quality by rearing their own Manchega breed herds to produce the best quality D.O.P cheese.
Semi Curado - matured 2-4 months, firm and intense.
Curado - 6-8 months firm and strong.
Viejo or Old Craftsman - more than 8 months, evolved taste with spice and strong aftertaste.


salt cod

Line caught from sustainable fishing grounds off Iceland and processed in Barcelona.
The cod is produced from fresh fish, (not frozen) and cured for 90 days in sea salt delivering a less salty delicate flavour.



All of our seafood is chosen from sustainable Spanish sources and for its quality and taste.
carabineros- Red Cardinal prawns, the most coveted in the world from the deep Mediterranean.
pulpo- octopus from Galicia, treated with care in preparation for flavour.
calamari- we buy whole fresh squid and prepare it on site for a better bite and texture.
puntilitas- sweet crispy fried baby squid, from Southern Spain.
anchovies & boquerones- from Lotamar Conservas, one of the best and oldest proccessor in Cantabria, producing the very best quality.


grains and pulses

Pardina lentils, Alubias beans, chickpeas and rice farmed in the fertile valley of the river Ebro in Navarra, Spain, and imported directly to us and used in our Fabada and Tapas dishes.


preserved vegetables

A selection of quality glass jarred vegetables including Blanca de Tudela artichoke prepared by traditonal methods.
Available for you to buy and take home.


local suppliers

We use local independent suppliers where ever possible, our Harissa is from Harry Brand, Columbia Road and Merguez sausages from Chez Maman & Papa on Hanbury Street E1.



All of our wine is Spanish and produced by small growers from regions known for their different styles and tastes.
We hope you enjoy discovering some new grape varieties from our short, but we think, well chosen list.
Take a look at our retail shelves for our wine description and bottle.
All of our wines on our list are available to buy and take home.



We have a young enthusiastic team that make everything from scratch in our kitchen.
The stews, pulses, croquettas, tortilla, meatballs, sauces and much more.
We use authentic ingredients and recipes to bring a little bit of Spain to Bethnal Green Road.

We hope you enjoy, muchas gracias

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